MacBook, iMac or MacBook Pro?

If you have the same question, this post may help you to find out what you want.

The reason I want to buy a Mac is because of my Fujitsu notebook which was bought about two years ago. It has nothing bad indeed yet the display is really a disadvantage. Now I’m considering to use the Mac environment instead of windows because it does offer a better user experience. The ease of browsing webpages with the MacBook Air trackpad makes me wonder why Microsoft windows did make this happen. 

Let me tell you about my situation. I’m using a newly bought iPhone 6 for about a week. There are a few reasons to buy it. First is that my girlfriend is also using iPhone, which I think it’s a good idea to use the same system. Secondly, my last android phone, LG G pro, was too big for me to hold it by a single hand. It is my first time to spend on iPhone. It’s really doing a decent job to solve all of my daily tasks, with a paritcularly wonderful job on the camera. Also, i found no phones under 5 Inches on the market that offers such nice experience. I have to say now I’m in honeymoon period with this phone. 😉

I’m thinking about to get the Mac for my desktop. I’m not the person who needs to work at different sites. Yet occasionally I do think it is a good idea to use my own laptop spending a relaxing afternoon in a coffee shop. The main purpose of using laptop is web browsing.

The MacBook (2015) is 13.1mm thin, weighs 907g, has a new keyboard and the force-touch  trackpad and even comes in gold. It also features a 12-inch retina display. You can immediately notice the bright, vivid and detailed display on this laptop. The resolution is 2304 x 1440 pixels, which is equivalent to a pixel density of 226 dpi. From the number you  know it’s almost as sharp as the MacBook Pro with retina display. That’s what I’m looking for. There is also a USB-C port, which is the only port on the laptop.

Another attractive feature is the new trackpad. There is a pressure sensor built underneath so the laptop responds according to how hard you are pressing on it. In fact, the actual feel is a trackpad with two stops instead of one.  For illustrations, you can now preview a file in finder by pressing the trackpad to the first stop. Apple said more possibilities are there with the new design.

However, all these new features come with a high price. The 1.1 Ghz version costs 9988 HKD while the 1.2 Ghz version costs 11988 HKD. The processor is not as powerful as the other Mac laptops but it should be enough to offer a smooth web browsing experience for me. 

Keyboard is 17% bigger than the MacBook Air and uses a new design that makes the typing experience better.

In the new MacBook the only port available is the new USB-C port. This will be the port for data transfer via cable, video output, as well as the power plug. It implies that, for example, you are likely not able to charge your MacBook while transferring pictures from your DSLR camera.

The battery of MacBook is reengineered so that more cells are packed into the spaces. This provides promising battery life for all daily tasks.

The iMac, on the other hand, offers supreme performance and screen size and quality, which is ideal for desktop users. It’s all-in-one design let your desk for work looks fashionable. And iMac is affordable, starting at 8388 HKD. If you are looking for a desktop computer, this is your best choice.


Sony VAIO Pro 11

Model: VAIO Pro 11
Brand: Sony
Weight: 0.87kg
Price: HK$7980

VAIO® Pro 機身纖薄輕巧,最厚位置只有17.2毫米,重量僅約0.87千克(VAIO® Pro 11)/1.06千克(VAIO® Pro 13),方便攜帶,為喜愛時尚創新設計、追求靈活高效的用戶所打造。

Sony VAIO Pro 11


Lenovo Miix 8

Model: Miix 8
Brand: Lenovo
Weight: 0.35kg
Price: HK$3480

聯想推出旗下首款 8 吋 Windows 8.1 平板電腦 Lenovo Miix 2 8,採用 IIntel Atom Z3740, 1.33GHz 四核心處理器,並且提供 2GB RAM / 32GB ROM 的儲存空間,並且可透過 microSD 記憶卡擴充容量。機身搭配 8 吋 IPS 觸控螢幕、1,280 x 800pixels 螢幕解析度,具備 178 度超廣視角、高飽和度的畫面呈現,色彩鮮豔又生動,讓用戶可隨心所欲地盡情閱讀電子書、觀看影片及遊戲體驗等多媒體影音樂趣。

Lenovo Miix 8


Model: T100
Brand: ASUS
Weight: 1.07kg
Price: HK$3980

Transformer Book T100 機身輕巧、行動隨身,結合筆記型電腦的強效特色與平板電腦輕便的優勢,更重要的是,您可以立即在兩種模式間切換。 T100 重量僅 1.07kg,為全球數一數二的輕薄筆記型電腦,其搭載的 10.1 吋顯示器可從鍵盤上拆卸,成為機身同樣輕巧的多點觸控平板電腦,方便您隨身攜帶。 T100 外觀兼具時尚與耐用性,讓人百看不膩。